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We specialize in helping you design everything in your life so you can have fun at your events, love your home, and never feel like you aren’t on top of your things. Let us help you enjoy more, and stress less.

Our Specialties

Lifestyle design can come in many shapes and sizes. Here are a few categories that we specialize in.


Never organize what you can declutter. Let us come help you figure out what you can do without and then help you organize what you can’t do without.


Home design can be very subject but we take all the steps necessary to get to know you, your style, and your vision to help you make your dream a reality.


Putting on an event can be so stressful and chaotic so don’t do it alone. Better yet, let us take care of it and you just enjoy the party and focus on your guests.

Some of Our Clients Testimonials

You can only expect perfection when working with Jana. She has helped remodel my office, design my new home, and hosted our work Christmas party.  Jana takes care of it all and in your taste/style so you can enjoy and take care of other things, stress free…

Any party/event thrown by Jana is guaranteed to be a hit.  Jana has an amazing attention to detail.  Your guests will be surprised by all of Jana’s special extras.  It might be the goodie bag you go home with or the food/cocktail menu specifically created for your event…

I worked with Jana to organize my kitchen and office along with decorating a photo wall collage.  Jana is an organizing wizard…she makes the mundane task of organizing fun!  Jana took the time to ask questions to understand my lifestyle and how…

At one of Jana’s visits to my house, I happened to mention that I was struggling to set up a family photo wall.  She asked me for the pictures I wanted to use along with anything else I wanted to incorporate on the wall.  Within 30 minutes, I had a photo wall that not only highlighted…

About Jana

 I started organizing, planning events and visual decor since I was sixteen. I managed the cosmetic department at Macy’s through many, many holiday seasons. It’s taught me first hand experience how to stay focused and organized during chaotic times.  I moved on to be an event planner for Charles Schwab for fourteen years before starting my own business JM Design in 2005.

I am a mom of two and nine dogs. Yes,  you read that correctly…nine dogs. Living in a busy home myself I know the efficiency of being organized and loving your home decor and space all at the same time.

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