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You can only expect perfection when working with Jana. She has helped remodel my office, design my new home, and hosted our work Christmas party.  Jana takes care of it all and in your taste/style so you can enjoy and take care of other things, stress free. Jana is super organized, efficient, and professional. I highly recommend hiring her for all your event planning and personal home/work decor. 


At one of Jana’s visits to my house, I happened to mention that I was struggling to set up a family photo wall. She asked me for the pictures I wanted to use along with anything else I wanted to incorporate on the wall. Within 30 minutes, I had a photo wall that not only highlighted my family, but was unique and absolutely gorgeous as well!


I lost both my parents in one week. Jana was their neighbor and held my hand through every step of this life-changing event,. From the very beginning, Jana was nothing but thoughtful, considerate, and comforting. I can honestly say I trusted Jana with every single detail. I knew that he would take care of my mom and dad. The whole process of talking about what services I wanted to celebrate my their life to picking out the flowers…it was seamless and Jana paid attention to every single detail. I could easily see how much she truly cared about taking good care of them. Jana had the brilliant idea of turning their tragic passing into celebrating their love story. The one thing that has stuck out in my mind more than anything was how Jana took just the perfect pauses between bringing up certain subjects and details of the service to let me process what she just said and think about it. This is so important during this time because as a person is actively dealing with grief it could be so hard to think of all what needs to be done or what kind of flowers you think best represent your loved one. Jana knew how to say and what to say and when to say it. My parents celebration of life was the most beautiful party I have ever seen and I know they would have loved the way we honored them all with Jana’s planning.


Any party/event thrown by Jana is guaranteed to be a hit.  Jana has an amazing attention to detail.  Your guests will be surprised by all of Jana’s special extras.  It might be the goodie bag you go home with or the food/cocktail menu specifically created for your event.  Jana leaves no detail forgotten. 


Jana is a true professional and has the ability to bring a fresh perspective to a task all while having a great time.


The wedding was absolutely beautiful and went off without a single glitch thanks to Jana! Jana’s professionalism, organizational skills and reassuring style helped us truly enjoy the special day. Without Jana, I don’t know what we would have done. I can’t thank her enough.


Whether planning a high end corporate event or arranging and decorating a nursery or home office, Jana’s intuitive eye for design, creativity, attention to detail and flawless execution is unparalleled. Having worked with Jana in her prior corporate role and known her for 20 plus years, you know you’re in good hands when Jana’s involved – her energy and passion for delivering exceptional and memorable experiences and outcomes for her clients is always at the forefront, and the best part? She brings the FUN to every project! 


I worked with Jana to organize my kitchen and office along with decorating a photo wall collage.  Jana is an organizing wizard…she makes the mundane task of organizing fun!  Jana took the time to ask questions to understand my lifestyle and how I wanted my kitchen and office organized and then made suggestions that made perfect sense to me.  I now have two rooms in my house that are completely organized and stay that way because of Jana’s insight and expertise!


My family has attended several of Jana’s events including large outdoor gatherings as well as a very personal celebration of life ceremony. We highly recommend her services. Her attention to detail and ability to transform a space are top notch.


To our utter shock, on the morning of the wedding, the ceremony was called off. Jana quickly and calmly stepped in and told me to take care of my family and she would handle the rest. I’m not sure how she did it, but she contacted all of the vendors and cancelled everything. Her quick-thinking and efficient action reduced our stress and allowed us to concentrate on our family. Jana’s professionalism, organizational skills and calming approach helped us get through a very difficult situation. Without Jana, I don’t know what we would have done. I can’t thank her enough.


Jana Maloney is a lifesaver. I’m a busy mom and teacher who had a house full of stuff that just kept piling up. I didn’t have the time or energy to go through it all and was quite emotionally attached to way too much of it. She has an incredible eye and talent for organizing and what to keep or donate. I can’t thank her enough for her time and talent.